The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay Opens Up About Attending a Protest In Honor of George Floyd

Rachel Lindsay is opening up about her expertise in attending a peaceable protest in honor of George Floyd over the weekend.

The previous Bachelorette star spoke on her Increased Studying podcast of the occasion in Miami, Fla, saying that “it hit me so exhausting.”

“I heard lovely speeches,” Rachel share. “It was lovely to see so many individuals in unity marching and protesting for what they believed in and the injustices they’re dealing with on this nation.”

She added that the entire expertise, in addition to George‘s demise “hit me so exhausting.”

“It’s simply such a harsh actuality that what we cope with and what different individuals don’t should cope with as a result of it doesn’t instantly have an effect on them.”

Rachel‘s fiance, Bryan Abasolo, posted in regards to the protest they attended on Instagram. See what he wrote under.

In the event you didn’t see it, Rachel had some advice for Hannah Brown after her N-word controversy.

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I protested this weekend. I marched peacefully with people of all races to honor George Floyd and to fight for the injustices that the black community has been enduring for centuries in this country. The emotion that I felt with every step I took during the protest was overwhelming. Tears rolled down my face as I thought about the images of George Floyd pinned to the ground calling out to his mother in his final breathing moments. I saw so much passion and emotion from so many people from different walks of life uniting as one and chanting to the rooftops for such an amazing and just cause. That cause is to make sure that all human beings have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, there are so many in the black community that have been denied this right for far too long. It’s sad to think that the murder of a black man caught on camera for the world to see is what has opened people’s eyes. The black community has been trying to tell us since forever ago, but we didn’t listen, didn’t care, or just didn’t pay attention because it didn’t affect us. I, along with every other non-black person, has been guilty of this at some point. Colin Kaepernick tried to spread awareness and protest these atrocities in a peaceful way. He was admonished, considered anti-American, and ultimately blackballed from the game he loved all because he stood up for what he believed in and simply wanted to shed light on police brutality. We all should have listened and taken action then. Watching major cities go up in flames, rioting, and looting is something that I don’t believe in or ever want to see and I pray that we can keep every protest peaceful. But here we are now…what side of history will you be on? The side that continues to coddle their privilege and turn a blind eye to what’s really going on? Or the side that calls out and denounces racism whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head? There’s only one right answer. All lives won’t matter until Black lives do. #blacklivesmatter #ripgeorgefloyd #love #peace #life #liberty #happiness

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